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apple wireless keyboard mouse and trackpad how to - apple wireless keyboard 2009 note this keyboard requires two 2 aa batteries turn the keyboard off use a coin to remove the battery compartment cover slide two aa batteries into the battery compartment make sure the positive ends are pointing the correct direction replace the battery compartment cover turn on the keyboard, amazon com apple keyboard batteries - 1 16 of over 2 000 results for apple keyboard batteries replacement aluminium battery cover cap lid plug for apple imac keyboard g6 a1314 a1644 and magic trackpad a1339 by lefix 7 99 7 99 prime free shipping on eligible orders 5 out of 5 stars 3, recharge the built in battery in your apple keyboard - recharge the built in battery in your apple keyboard mouse or trackpad you can check your device s charge level by choosing its name from the bluetooth icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen when it s time to charge your device s battery connect a lightning to usb cable to its lightning port then connect the other end of the cable to your mac or a usb power adapter, batteries corroded stuck inside apple wireless keyboard - batteries corroded stuck inside apple wireless keyboard aluminum put a few drops of coke yes coke as is coca cola let stand for a few mins then push from the other side by the spring carefully until battery comes out it took about less than five mins make sure to dry and clean keyboard of coke, apple wireless keyboard battery replacement ifixit - warm the area where battery screw cover is in a stream of hot water from the faucet be careful not to get water into the keyboard or keys the warmth will sometimes expand the aluminum enough to loosen the screw cover worked for mine, how to change the batteries on an apple keyboard the - a wireless apple keyboard takes two aa batteries in order to operate you ll want to make sure that the batteries you ll be using in the keyboard are of the same type and have the same level of charge, apple wireless keyboard 2 battery version - apple wireless keyboard being unboxed live with no editing see what you get inside is there a weight difference between the 3 battery version as supposed to the newer 2 battery does it come