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salem kirban reference bible king james version salem - i already have a copy of this bible and have used this bible since feb 20 1990 in my ministry as a evangelist have found out that all the works in this bible by salem kirban is ture and nothing can compare to its accuracy ecept the word of god itself, masonic origins bible believers - masonic origins this article is an excerpt from en route to global occupation by gary h kah published by huntington house this important book deserves a place in your library, d70 project daniel s seventy weeks - the d70 project dr john f walvoord a 21 question survey of john f walvoord s interpretation of the prophecy of 70 weeks as explained in his book daniel the key to prophetic revelation author s note this survey does not necessarily represent the totality of dr walvoord s view of the prophecy of 70 weeks he may have clarified or refined the positions represented in daniel the, prophecy in the news the place to be for prophecy - prophecy in the news publishes a monthly magazine every month full of exciting articles about subjects related to bible prophecy each month we publish articles from the archives of j r church founder of pitn included are other articles from the best prophecy experts in the country plus a full line of special offers from our bookstore